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    Comments from our Customers

    “Although my husband and teenage son forced me along on this tour, I was the one who ended up splashing through all the puddles. Proof woman know how to drive.”
    Amy Lawson, Dallas

    “I ended up asking the guides how much those Tomcars cost at the end of the tour. That’s how much I wanted one”
    Allen Marksman, Topeka

    “I was covered in mud from head to toe, but with the rain gear they gave us, it didn't matter, and, in fact, made it more fun”
    Jesse Rivera, Tuscon

    “The most excitement I’ve had in 91 years”
    Robert Reed, Des Moines

    “The perfect excursion for those craving an adventurous tour!”
    Leah and Bob, Springfield NB

    “I wouldn’t change a thing! The views were amazing and the guides were incredible.”
    Kevin and June, San Jose CA

    “Everything was awesome! The Tomcars are comfortable and easy to drive, and the bumpy roads give the perfect off road feel.”
    Jody and John, Boulder City NV

    “The perfect ending to a great vacation!”
    George W., Bridgeport OK

    “This was a blast!
    The wetter the better!”
    Joan Smith, Chicago Illinois

    “The guide and everything was excellent. I loved the bears and cubs feeding in the stream right in front of us!”
    Jerry Nugent, Phoenix Arizona

    Taquan Air Customers
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